About Beagles 

Beagles are fun loving creatures. They are pack dogs and originally bred to hunt rabbits and other small game. They are good hearted dogs, devoted to people. Beagles adore children and their fun loving attitude and medium size makes them ideal pets for children. Beagles live 12 to 15 years. Spaying and neutering can increase their longevity.
The Beagle comes in 2 sizes, 13" and 15 ". You will also find them in two body types. The " Field Beagle" and the "Show or Conformation Beagle". There is a very distinct difference. Most beagles in the Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and Northern Idaho are field beagles. I have conformation beagles. Both make good pets, it just a matter of which body type you prefer. 
According to the AKC standard, any allowed hound color is acceptable. Most beagles come in tri-color markings, as well as red and white and lemon. Contrary to what you may hear, red and white and lemon are not rare. In the field beagle variety you will find red and blue tick coloring. Less common colorings will be chocolates and blues.  
Nicknamed as the "Merry Little Hound" beagles should have an even temperament. They should never be shy, and never ever be aggressive.  If they are it is because they have never been socialized properly or have never received proper training. If when you are looking at puppies and the parents are aggressive or shy, this is not a good omen as most likely the puppies will have a serious behavior problem. Beagles like to be in the company of people and other dogs. A beagle will become neurotic if left alone or tied up 24/7.  Beagles thrive on attention and loving companionship. 
Beagles are a low maintenance breed, and have few health problems. However beagles are prone to epilepsy. Chondrodystophy is also a factor to be concerned about. You may also hear the term "pocket beagle". Pocket Beagles are virtually extinct. Buyer beware of someone stating they  have "pocket beagles" . These are dwarfs with serious health problems.  Always ask for written guarantees and buy from a reputable breeder who cares about the breed.  Spend time learning about the breed, attend dog shows, talk with breeders and read about beagles. Take time and don't be in a hurry to find the right beagle for you.

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